Business Process

Business Process, Mapping, and Improvement

Reduce cost as well as duplication of effort with good business processes.

Core Processes

A core process defines critical functions of your business delivery system which adds value to your customers. It is important to review and modernize your core processes as new technologies emerge, consumer habits change, and your costs fluctuate.

Support Processes

Your business support processes include functions that enable your business to operate and sell to customers. Your business administration, accounting, employment, and operations are all under this umbrella. Each department must have a defined process for their tasks.

Management Processes

Your management processes are unique in that they are goal oriented. They are the processes that plan, monitor, and manage your core and support functions in the business. As management, they focus on looking for opportunities, controlling risks, and improving all business processes.

Our Associates are here to help you define and improve your business processes.

Establishing Processes

Establishing Processes

Each process is defined as human-centric, document-centric, or integration-centric. Our team will work with your team to understand the inputs received in order to start the process, as well as the outcome, and any downstream members the process will affect. Our method defines a streamlined new process.

Standardizing Processes

Standardizing Processes

Reduce cost, eliminate redundant work, and delivery a standard message to your clients as you standardize your processes. There are several types of processes to look at such as Business processes, manufacturing processes, marketing processes, and distribution processes. Standardizing your process helps you cut down unnecessary costs while you maximize profits.

Modernizing Existing Processes

Modernizing Existing Processes

Over time existing processes become outdated. New technologies, ideas submitted by those performing the work, as well as small, incremental changes are key areas of fucus in process improvement iterations. Lean processes help maintain a competitive edge. As a business leader, it is up to you to reinforce the importance of process improvement by making it a part of your company's culture.


Whether you started a new business or have been operating for years, now is the time to discuss your processes. Call Corporation Associates today so that we can begin the discussion on ways to help you increase productivity through the use of standardized processes.

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The Corporation Associates Guide to Business Process Management.

Business process management is about first creating processes, then, collecting metrics on the use of the processes. The Corporation Associates Guide to Business Process Management discusses process review with ways to improve your processes over time.

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